I'm Megan, a traveling Indiana wedding & portrait photographer. I spend my days documenting awesome people living a life they love. The slow dancing, lazy days at the lake, date nights walking around Target, watching Parenthood with a good pizza kinda life. 

If this sounds like your jam grab a drink and make yourself at home! xoxo

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I ventured to France Park in Logansport to meet these cuties and oh man did Indiana pull out all the stops for us! The radar has been reading stormy, windy weather all week and you know what we got? A perfect 60 degree, blue skied, cotton candy sunset light- HOLLA. We even got some campers […]

Last month I hosted my first official mentor session. To say I loved it is an understatement! I’ve been really slow to dapple in any kind of education because to be honest it’s intimidating to be in that position in an official capacity. Scary to not feel like an imposter. Nerve-racking to think- why should […]

Happy Monday fam! Starting out the week with a sunny morning and reveling on a great weekend with amazing people. I’m feeling those spring vibes finally popping through and my heart is OVERJOYED. I wanted to pop in today to answer two questions I get asked almost every week. Can I second shoot with you? […]

Wedding tip: Set your weather limits before the big day and *communicate them*. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I know most of us hope for a dry, sunny wedding day. It usually isn’t until the week of that we can check weather forecasts are start plotting for plan b’s + hoping for a change if it’s not in our […]

Lauren + Matt I obviouslyy couldn’t let last weekend pass by without dragging some cute folks in front of my camera and testing a new spot I found. We traveled to Colorado (re: Muncie) to soak up all the snowy goodness. Perks of having your little sister attend school next door 😘 I found this […]

Wow oh wow this season was filled with so much goodness. Lots of smoochin’ couples, rainy days with muddy boots, carrying dresses, styling rings on anything I can find (trashcan lids included), 90 degree heat, coffee + wedding cake, doing the wobble, handwritten letters, happy dances, mosquito bites and a heart so joyful for this […]

YOU’RE ENGAGED (or about to be!). Oh heyyy, so exciting! You’ve just said yes to your boo and now you have all the emotions, targeted Facebook ads to start a wedding registry and a giant list of things to do. The engagement season can be one of the happiest and most daunting all in one. […]

Hannah + Zack I met up with Hannah + Zack for their engagement session and we couldn’t have asked for a better combination of a glorious 60 degree breeze, turning trees and warm light. HELLOOO FALL. When I arrived they pointed across the river to some adorable “I love you” graffiti under the bridge and […]

Kristi+ Michael Last month I made my way to California for the first time and all I can say is- oh my wow. The first leg of my trip was meeting up with Kristi and Michael to hang out, get the best tour of the city and then photograph their engagement session! There was a […]

Hannah + Wardell Guh, this day and these people. Over the years rainy days have made their way into my heart to stay. There’s thing about the way your people pitch in, the calmness and fresh it air it brings to a day bustling with energy. It forces you to slow down a bit and […]

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