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Muncie Snowstorm Couples Session | Lauren + Matt

Jan 19, 2019

Lauren + Matt

I obviouslyy couldn’t let last weekend pass by without dragging some cute folks in front of my camera and testing a new spot I found. We traveled to Colorado (re: Muncie) to soak up all the snowy goodness. Perks of having your little sister attend school next door 😘 I found this spot over the summer and have been dying to try it out. The perfect mix of pine trees and a feeling of seclusion when in reality it’s nestled between a road and apartment complex. HOW FREAKING ADORABLE ARE THEY? Kay, done. Probably not. I used to hate winter but I’m reconsidering. We’re do for another snow storm today so it felt like perfect timing to blog these cuties!


Megan Renee Photography Muncie Indiana Snow Couples Session

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