Q: Why should we pick you?
I don’t want you to just choose my work but also choose me. I’m someone who puts great value on connection, communication, being timely and giving my clients the best experience I’m capable of. You want work with someone who you not only adore their photographs but also their personality as well!

Q: What is your style of work?
I’m a fan of rich, soulful and organic images. I’m drawn to movement and connection and love to focus in on the details. I have an in the moment, storytelling perspective but I’m not afraid to move the hunting painting in your hotel room if its too distracting! ;) 

Q: What kind of wedding packages do you offer?
I offer a six, eight and ten hour wedding packages as well elopements for more intimate affairs. Each one includes a complementary engagement session! Packages begin at $2800. Just shoot me a message for all the details!

Q: What is required to book my date? 
To make things official, I require a 25% retainer + a signed digital contract. The final 75% is due one month before your date. I try to keep things as simple as possible!

Q: We always feel awkward in front of the camera. Will you tell us how to stand and pose? 
Being in front of the camera can feel really unnatural and maybe even a bit intimidating. I totally get that! I like to view my shoots as more of a hang out session. I opt for actions, terrible dad jokes and movement vs. stiff + formal posing! I’m all about connection and giving you a fun experience! Helping you to feel comfortable and proud of your epic modeling skills is what I strive for. I want to keep you talking, laughing and dancing and before you know it you will have a beautiful online gallery sitting on your computer! 

Q: Will you do this really cute picture I saw on Pinterest?
I believe Pinterest is an awesome spot for gathering inspiration and I pin home decor and fashion ideas as much as the next girl. With that being said, I don't directly remake other photographers' work. My style is very organic and in the moment I love for my clients come open-minded so we can work together to make something beautiful!

Q: Do we get the high resolution images?
Yes! All of your final edited images will be delivered in an online gallery called PASS. Your images will be safely stored here for 10 years! From this gallery, you, friends and family are welcome to download, order prints and share images! 

Q: Can I have the RAW files?
I don’t provide raw images. That’s like asking a baker for the eggs and mix she used to make your favorite pie. Like her, I put a ton of thought into my creative post-processing (toning, retouching, cropping, etc.) that helps create me fine-tine my images! I really cherish not only taking photographs but also using my experience and style to make a rad final gallery just for you. Without that combination I consider my images unfinished. I not only want you to love my photographs but also my editing style as well!

Q: Can you shoot my destination wedding? 
Heck yes! If there is anything I adore to travel for it’s photographing love stories and the adventures that accompany them. Weather you’re eloping at a lakeside cabin or planning the vineyard wedding of your dreams I would love to be a part of it. 

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