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Six Months | Callum James

Six Months | Callum James

Oh Cal, I can’t believe it’s been six months since you made an appearance. It’s been six months since we stopped at Jimmy Johns when I was in labor to get a sub and Dr. Pepper before going into the hospital. I wasn’t about that ice chip life. It’s been six months since I was in the hospital holding you for those first days. You have changed so much in such a short period of time it’s incredible. You’ve grown from 6 pounds to almost 16. These months have been filled with tears of exhaustion (this girl loves her sleep), waking up in the middle of the night, warm baths, cuddles, first laughs, giggles that make our hearts beat out of our chests and growing as a little family of three.

Learning. It’s all been such a beautiful learning process of how to love YOU in the most specific ways. Learning your goofy personality. How you like to be held in the shower with water running down your back to be calmed. That ‘rawring’ at each other is one of your favorite things. That you think the world is ending when we try to burp you mid feeding. Cherishing the way you reach for my hair, for daddy’s beard so softy (85% of the time). Watching your face break out in a huge smile when one of our kittys walk by you. Seeing the ENERGY you have already and that you’re just  putting in all of your effort to crawl. I can already tell we’re going to running all over this city by the time you learn to move on your own. You puke with the best of them and almost always manage to get most of it on us and not your burp cloth. It’s okay, we forgive you. You love your toy moose and blankets being brushed over your face. Your funny patch of dark hair on the back of your head is slowly turning into blonde fuzz all over. You have your daddy’s striking blue eyes and it makes my heart swell whenever I look into them. You have my round cheeks and it just makes your smiles so adorable.

We’re learning to be the best parents we can be. Whatever this life brings, and whatever is thrown in our path… we just want you to walk away knowing how deeply loved you are. That we’re for you and behind you. Thanks for being our little boy <3


PS- Thank you to all of the amazing people who love us and our family so well. This post in no way includes everyone!

Callum James | Birth and First Moments- Megan Renee Photography

Callum James | Birth and First Moments- Megan Renee Photography

Our first little baby was born over the weekend and its been an absolute whirlwind of learning how to work around our new sleep schedule and our hearts growing in ways we could have never imagined. Callum James (we call him Cal!) came into the world at 12:44am on August 27th at whopping 6.3 pounds. When he was put into my arms for the first time I was struck by how little and fragile he was. I just wanted to hold him close and feel his little breaths against my chest. We decided early on that we wanted to keep his sex a surprise until I gave birth and I’m SO glad that we did! The anticipation and excitement we had leading up until his delivery was crazy fun and so precious.

I can’t explain the joy of taking care of this little guy and being home just the three of us to bond. We have such an amazing community of people surrounding us that has made this season extra sweet. We’ve had countless thoughtful gifts, kind words, encouragement, visits, meals prepared and prayers said.

We deeply appreciate everyone who loves our little family so well!

P.S-A HUGE thank you to our dear friend Marie Taylor (from Adele Portrait Photography) who photographed our birth and stayed with us after and was so helpful. She’s so incredibly talented and we’re so happy to have had her there with us. We can’t explain how much we love you lady! The later images in color are from my own little mini session after I was able to get up and walk around. I couldn’t resist bringing my camera of course! 😉

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He started crying and this was my reaction! hahaha

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