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Downtown Muncie Wedding | Chris + Emily

Oh gosh, I’m pretty sure I had one of the cutest couples on the planet in front of my camera earlier this month! Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Portillo! Their ceremony took place at First Baptist church nestled in downtown Muncie. I must say, it’s one of the most... read more

Downtown Muncie Wedding | Abbie + Zach

Zach and Abbie are officially husband and wife! They were married at a beautiful garden side ceremony at Minnetrista with the people who love them most. Their sweet (and giggly) nature with one another is such an obvious testament how deeply in love they are. Their... read more

John M. Craddock | KayAnn + Ethan

I’m a huge believer in marriage. Pinterest boards, pretty dresses and all of the little details that going into wedding planning are incredibly exciting but nothing compares to the relationship you’re celebrating. The why. Strong relationships are built to be sturdy... read more