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Last week Britt and Gershom met me in Muncie and we danced around an old ballroom, played with smoke in a can and basically created one of my favorite shoots to date together. We were unintentionally inspired by the movie Dirty Dancing and I’m quite okay with it. These two just have such a joyful love for one another and were so refreshing to photograph! In the midst of a busy season I’m working to make sure that I have shoots just for me. To be energized and creative without pressure. It’s a balance when your passion is also your job. But its a balance I feel fortune to make! This shoot had my photographers heart about to explode. I was for sure geeking out over these two and this setting! 😉 And also, are they not the most beautiful couple?! I just can’t get over it. I love when people are able to just let go and have fun with each other in front of the camera. Thanks for being incredible people!